Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 2

I'm going to give a brief summary on how I started raw.
I grew up in a somewhat health conscious home. We never had white flours or sugars. Everything was made with honey and whole wheat flour. We always had a garden , I dreaded weeding, and everything was home made. Eventually my mother came across the idea of raw food and decided to go raw. I believe that was about 6 years ago. Shortly after she went raw, I decided to try it. I was about 13 or 14 then and amazingly I went 100% raw over night for about 4 months. It was amazingly easy. I didn't even think about food. Cravings were non exist ant. I just don't think I was that unhealthy then and going raw was just the next step. Long story short, I gave up doing raw when I went on a week long church youth trip and there was nothing raw to eat there. Boy do I wish I had stuck to it then. It's not nearly as easy now as it was then.
I tried it again last March. I went from 80% to 90% raw until I went to Patagonia AZ in October to do an apprenticeship at the tree of life. I was 100% vegan, organic raw from October to December. The experiences I had there were unbelievable. I had such a great time and it truly changed my life. I FELT GREAT.
Well now to catch you up to where I am now, I went through allot of emotional crap on the last week of the apprenticeship. I had allot of emotional, physical, religious and relationship crap that took over my life. I stuck to the raw diet for about a month after the apprenticeship but the emotional stuff caught up to me and I gave in. It also doesn't help that I feel like Ive been living out of a box since December. Anyways I crashed and my need for emotional comfort through junk food gave in.
I weighed 135 lbs. in December and I am now back up to 150 lbs. My acne is back with a vengeance and the mood swings are driving my boyfriend crazy. I feel completely out of control.
I can tell you the only way to feel truly in control, stable and absolutely blissful, is to be on a raw diet. So this is my plan to get back on track and reclaim that inner happiness I so desperately want and need. 10 weeks 100% raw and 80% organic

These are a list of the symptoms I am currently experiencing.
1. mood swings
2. uncontrollable temper
3. really bad acne
4. water retention
5. over weight
6. cellulite on thighs (big sign of toxins in the body)
7. winded after walking only 2 flight of stairs
8. irregular periods
9. chronic menstrual cramping
10. sick every other month
11. lack of energy
12. depression
13. anxiety
14. insomnia
ect, ect, ect, ect

I am hoping that the list of all these issues I am having are down to at least 1/4 of what I have here at the end of 10 weeks. I will keep you all updated as my journey continues.
For anyone starting the raw food life change, your not alone. The movement is getting larger everyday and more and more people are experiencing the same things you are. It's not easy. One of the hardest things Ive had to do in my life. But it is so worth it!!!

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