Sunday, April 26, 2009


Okay finally got the computer up and running.
This is the challenge. 10 weeks 100% raw, 80% organic. Along with that I will be training to run a 5K race. I want to eventually be able to run a full marathon but for now, I think the 5K will be enough for me. I am not in good physical condition at all at this time. I'll be doing a week by week update with measurements, fat percentage and symptoms good or bad.
This is the step by step plan I will be following.

Week 1:
Diet: 80% raw, 80% organic, 3/4 gallon water
Mon-run 2 min, walk 1 min. Repeat 10 times.
Tue- walk easy 30 min
Wed- run 2 min, walk 1 min. Repeat 10 times.
Thur- walk easy 30 min
Fri- run 2 min, walk 1 min. Repeat 10 times. Sat- walk easy 30 min
Sat- walk easy 30 min.
**Always walk 2-3 min before and after workout to warm up and cool down. **

I will have all my measurements recorded and pictures for before and after along with a food journal. I want to see how successful I will be doing a 100% raw food diet along with training for a marathon. I want to see how well my health improves and see if you really do need to have a high protein ,meat, based diet to participate in high endurance sports or training. I believe that the base of your protein intake should come from a plant based diet,greens, . Victoria Boutenko wrote a very good book where she talked about the benefits of eating allot of greens. It's called Green for Life if your interested. I highly recommend it.
I found the training guide for the 5K on It's an excellent site to look at if you are an experienced runner or just a beginner and want to hit the pavement and see what you can do.
I will also be posting some video blogs along with my updates. Wish me luck!!!

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Alicia said...

Good luck, you can do it! I will walk with you if you want- I need to get out and exercise too. I don't think I can run much though. :)

You can do a no-meat diet when training for a marathon and I read several articles about this when training. I know a lot of people who are vegetarians who run marathons but I don't know what the eat to compensate... I also know they aren't raw foodies. But they eat very healthy with a lot of veggies and fruits and such.

When you move back and want to go walking, call me!