Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ok sorry everyone. Procrastinating is a huge habit of mine that I really am working on. I was really hoping I would be able to video blog by now but the 2 week new laptop I bought specifically with a web cam built in is perfectly fine BUT the web cam. The stinken thing wont recognize that it's there. Ughhh I seem to have an electrical curse over my head. But thinking positively, I'm practicing gratitude and patience and Best Buy has been really helpful through the whole ordeal.
Ive been meaning to post all my measurements but keep forgetting to buy a measuring tape. ,either that or I just don't want to see what they are,. So Katrina's home work for this week is to buy a measuring tape, get fat % and take pics. My deadline will be to have it all done and posted by tomorrow.
Some exciting news is that happy oasis is coming to Utah and their will be a raw spirit pot luck on Tuesday that Chris and I will be going to. I'm going to make sure to get pics and post the them along with recipes I find. I will also be making some raw pizza this week along with doing video clips on how to make it.
Many blessings to you all until next time!

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