Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 1

So a quick update. I have taken a small step forward which is good, but i know i can do better. I have started making a green smoothie everyday made mostly of mixed greens and frozen fruit. I'm trying to get myself to take E-3 live everyday. That will be my next big accomplishment.
Ive been trying to eat mostly salads but it's not easy when your working 12 hour shifts 4 days a week. So to solve this problem, I am making a pact to myself to make a salad the night before along with a big thing of green smoothie.
I have decided that i really dislike typing so i will hopefully be getting a laptop soon with a web cam so you can follow along that way.
Well I am off to practice my salad making skills but hopefully I will have more to write later!!
Much peace and blessings to you all!!!

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