Saturday, November 15, 2008

So while all of you were in bed or being bored on a Saturday night , I was high off of gojji berries,bananas and bee pollen. We had a huge dance party with tons of different music. Being the klutz i am, I totally sprained my ankle at the very beginning and was having too much fun to stop dancing so now my foot and ankle are swollen and throbbing. It all good tho. I learned how to hula hoop dance, flame dance and play the bongo. Lots of talent now!! We ate tons of chocolate so now my stomach is killing. Who would of thought anyone would say " I'm totally drunk off of chocolate" or " I'm totally high off of bee pollen". Only if you're a raw foodist would you be able to relate to this. Yep one of the benefits of being healthy. Doesn't take much to make yourself happy (or high).
Well that's a peek into my Saturday night. Hope yours was half as fun as mine!! Love you all!!
P.S Dont do drugs, give hugs LOL!!

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