Friday, October 31, 2008

Inipi Sweat lodge

Well I experienced my first sweat lodge. It was really not as bad as I thought it would be even tho experienced workers here said that it was one of the hardest and hottest they had been in. I sat towards the back of the lodge in the back row so it deffinently wasnt as hot as it would have been in the front. They did 4 rounds of 20 min with 10 and then 8 rocks. We all sang while we were in there which helped me a ton!! I dont think i would have made it if it was silent. The very last round they did a pipe cerimony and released all our prayers to God. It was a really interesting experienced. It deffinently made me realise my own power and potentiall. That has been a huge aspect Ive learned here. How to learn to let go and be vulnerable no matter how painful and uncomfortable you are.Everyone was sweating buckets. All my clothes were drenched when i got out.
Everyone said they slept really well all that night. I didn't. I guess i must have been possessed or something because i kept waking up to me sitting straight up on the side of my bed with my legs over the side. That and i kept dreaming that people kept coming and visiting around my bed. They were all just standing there. That must have been why i kept waking up to me sitting on the side of my bed. I must have felt like it would be more polite to sit while they were talking rather than laying down or something. It seriously must have happened at least 6 times. It was really weird.

My chef day is in 2 1/2 weeks and I'm really nervous about it but i know ill have allot of help so it wont be to0 bad. Ive already learned how to make allot of yummy fruit and chocolate pies, crackers, milks, lasagna, pasta, soup, salads, pates and I'm still learning tons. I just hope I'll be able to remember it all.It will be amazing what I will learn after 7 more weeks!!
Well wish me luck!! Love you all!!

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Alicia said...

What were they smoking in that pipe to make you have crazy hallucinations? :) Sounds like you are learning a lot! Sounds like a good experience. Love ya!