Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

So yesterday was my 21 birthday. It started out with me working in the sprout house. I got up at 6 and had to be at the sprout house at 7:30. We started my harvesting sunflower sprouts in the freezing cold. Then it was on to worm castings after breakfast (worm castings = worm poop). So yeah i was sifting through worms with my bare hands. I'm not such a fan of dirt and worms but i did it!! After that it was on to turning compost ( compost= left over smelly food that sits in a bucket decomposing until its mixed in soil). By the time i was done i was all sweaty, dirty, wet and smelly. I had torn chunks of skin out of my hands from shoveling and there are now blisters forming all along the tops of my hands.
The good thing was that i got the rest of the day off. I got back to the dorms after lunch and found a package with the sick i have been waiting for from hp to back up my hard drive that crashed 4 weeks ago. I then opened the other box while i ran the disk on my laptop. It was of course a package from my family. I got two books, a cute card from Alicia, Koby, Brigg and Kallie along with a picture frame and a card and peace kit from mom and dad. It was just what i was needing to pick me up from my wonderful morning. (Thanks everyone for your thoughts and the gifts they were all great). So yeah i basically had to pull out the peace kit half way through the process of trying to back up my laptop. The peace kit was the only thing that came between me killing the laptop!!! (Thanks mom you must have known i would need it).
Well I got sick of watching the laptop turn on and off 100 times and taking forever to do whatever it was doing so i took a nap till 6. I awoke to my laptop saying it was finished ,at last!!, and so i decided to try it out. I turned it off and turned it back on only to see a black screen with white flashing letters exclaiming " Boot disk error must restart". So we restarted 3 or 4 times before i went back to the peace gift and tried to convince myself that throwing the laptop against the wall was not the solution.
I called Chris who told me that i would have to restart the whole process of backing up the computer again. Yay i love electronics!!! So i started it all over again and decided i needed a break and i went to dinner where i found out the kitchen crew had all been working together to make me a birthday cake. You can see it in one of the pictures but basically it was macadamia nuts, agave, coconut creme, coconut oil and Irish moss. It probably seriously weighed about 15 lbs. It was huge!!
So yeah we all ate yummy cake, people were giving me hugs left and right and all was great!!..........Until i got back to my room and the laptop still wasn't done fixing itself. In fact it didn't finish until 12 at night which was when i went to bed. So yeah i was babysitting my laptop from 2:30 until 12 AM!! 9 1/2 HOURS!!!!!! I tell you what, this computer better be perfect for the next 5 years or hp is going to wish they had never even heard of the word computer!!!!
All said and done my birthday was a blast!!
Love you all!!!!

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