Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third day in Patagonia

Gabriel and Shanti's first home
Beautiful fields
Typical dinner for us
Our group
Well everything is doing well so far. Meals here are really good but very low in sugar so deffanently craving fruits and chocolate. Rooms are very plain but comfortable. It kinda looks like it used to be a barn but /i guess it was a winery store house. Haven't really had any home sickness yet but I think my mind thinks its going home again and this is just a vacation so I'll have to keep telling it that this is home for the next little while. I think things will get easier when we start working in the kitchen this Friday.
Everyone is so loving and excepting of everyone else here. Most everyone in the apprenticeship is under 30 and there are 11 of us. I guess this is pretty unusual. They said usually its about 6 people and most are about 40. That's OK with me tho. We do allot of meditating and prayer which I think will be really good for me along with yoga every morning.
Well much love to all of you!!

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