Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep on moving

Lots and lots have been happening lately. Chris and I moved out of our cute little apartment. We went from a 2 bedroom spacious apartment, to a one bedroom basement apartment at my parents. They have graciously allowed us to move in free while Chris and I are going through school.
The apartment has been renovated (thanks to a black mold issue in the kitchen) and looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Most everything fits and over all the apartment is quite comfortable.
So this is where my big life switch takes place. Last October, I quite a job that payed well and I was pretty happy with. I worked at a pediatric office that I had been working at for 3 years. They started requiring all employees receive the flu shot and I wasn't all that comfortable with getting it. So that was it. I have been out of work since. I figured that with the amazing offer to live rent free and no job, I might as well start school in what I have always wanted to do. I started Midwifery school. I registered at Midwives College of Utah and was accepted two weeks later. Two weeks after that, I started school. Life has been a complete whirlwind for me and my life is transforming in leaps and bounds. I just keep submitting to the universe and trusting that the Divine has a plan for me.
I am now two weeks into the program and realising how much I struggles with school growing up and how I wish I had a larger attention span. My AMAZING husband is going through school and working to support both of us while I am transitioning and remembering how to do the school thing again.
Overall I fell so blessed and I look forward to more enlightenment, friends, opportunities and bliss in the future!!!

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